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GBM Shortcut: The Solio Hybrid H1000 Solar Charger



SoliothumbA few weeks ago I took a look at the Solio Hybrid Classic Charger in this GBM InkShow, and shortly thereafter the good folks at Solio sent me their newer Hybrid H1000 Solar Charger to take a look at.

I’m equally impressed with the new H1000, although it has one large distinction between the Classic model. The Classic model will let you power up from an AC adapter on cloudy days or when you can’t find the sun. The H1000 doesn’t have that capability, instead giving you the option of charging up through a USB port on your computer. It can take awhile to charge up either Solio in sunlight, so this might be an important factor for some, like me, who remember to do all their charging up the night before an excursion.

Although I fumble the name of the product more times than I can count, (maybe I am getting old) Solio is on to something here with these hybrid devices. If you’re on the road this could provide a solution as they work very well for charging up cell phones or MP3 players and do hold a charge quite well in my experience.

Download the Shortcut here. (.wmv format, 39.4mb, 5:12 min)
Check out Solio Hybrid Chargers.
Thanks to Better Energy Solutions and The Conversation Group for allowing me to check out the Solio Hybrid Chargers.
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