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GBM Shortcut: Tom Bihn Ristretto Messenger Bag



Tom Bihn just sent me their latest and greatest bag to review: The Ristretto Messenger. It is a small bag designed to fit the Lenovo X300, Apple MacBook, and Apple MacBook Air. When the Dell Latitude XT gets here, I’ll see if the XT can fit inside ( fingers crossed). The Motion F5, unforunately won’t fit – it’s a tad too wide. The Lenovo X61, with the 4-cell battery, doesn’t fit in the padded cell, but it does fit quite nicely in the pocket next to the cell.

Just from the few moments I’ve had the bag, I’m very impressed with it, but not surprised at the consistent quality that Tom Bihn is known for. The Ristretto is available for $70.00.

I plan a more thorough InkShow on this bag in the coming weeks, but wanted to give everyone a quick look at Tom Bihn’s newest creation. Enjoy.

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