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GBM User Review of the Aliph Jawbone



New-aliph-jawbone-headsetIt must be GBM Forum User Review day. Earlier Rob linked to the second in a series on screen protectors by Truc Bui. While I’m still waiting to get my hands on the new Aliph Jawbone BlueTooth headset, GBM Forum user techgeek32 has put up a review in the GBM Forums. He points up the pros and cons of this increasingly popular BlueTooth headset. Here’s an excerpt:

If you use bluetooth while driving this is definitely the best headset I have tested for outgoing call quality and I have tested almost every high-end headset available. I am not as impressed with the incoming quality and I think it is due to a smaller in ear speaker. It has a lot of treble and the default setting that has auto volume adjust is not loud enough in any environment other than a quiet one. I believe this could have been improved on if Jawbone had developed an earpiece more like the old Jabra’s with the gel that would funnel the sound into the ear canal. These new earpieces don’t do much to help with that

Check out the full review here.

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