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GBMInkshow: Taking The Vista Flip



VistaflipAero Glass is certainly one of the sexier features of Windows Vista with all of the eye candy and bells and whistles. One of the big bells that gets rung is the Window Flip. You’ve seen the feature before. You line up all of your open windows in a diagonal line from an icon on the taskbar or pressing the Windows and Tab Keys, and you scroll through them picking the one you want. You can even have video running in one of the windows.

Well there has been lots of speculation on what systems this feature will run on or not and if computers with integrated graphics will be able to handle this and some other media features. I thought I’d give it a try with the Lenovo Thinkpad X60 Tablet PC that I’m trying out. The Lenovo contains an integrated graphics solution and sure enough the Vista Flip works as advertised as you can see in this short Inkshow. Also note, I was able to produce a copy of this Inkshow in Windows Movie Maker. So, at least on this integrated graphics platform it can work.


  • Watch the video (5:10 minutes, 28.46mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download).


Video: windows Vist Flip 3D

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