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GBMShortcut: Quit Shredding Your Fingers When You Open Gadgets



openit The one thing about gadget lust that I hate is knowing sooner or later I’m going to have to open up the package. And in many instances that means I have to work through that curse on all man and woman kind, blister packaging. You know what I’m talking about, the stuff that manufacturers insist on wrapping their gadgets in that is almost impossible to open without shredding your fingers and hands into bloody pulps.

Even packing tape on larger boxes these days requires sharp implements to open, either that or I’ve dulled the key I used to use to slice open a box. In any event, I’ve tried all sorts of methods to try and keep the flesh on my fingers when opening up that new gadget. But the folks at have come up with OpenIt and maybe that will help.

OpenIt looks like a pair of shears or tin snips. And yes you can use the scissors to open just about anything. It also has a retractable razor blade for scoring open packages wrapped in packing tape. In addition it contains a tiny Phillips Head screw driver, although I don’t think the packaging parasites have gone that far yet.

In any regard, check out OpenIt from

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