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Georgia Tech students benefit from tech-based, active learning.



Continuing our series of technology being incorporated into education, Georgia Tech students are benefiting from HP Tablet PCs being used in their studies.  Working with DyKnow software, the Gerogia Tech students shared their thoughts about this unique learning experience.  The DyKnow software package provides greater interaction between students and their instructor than traditional teaching methods.

From the GT website, one student from the spring of 2007 commented, "I really enjoyed the Tablet PC idea. For the past year I have regretted not getting one as soon as I started college."

Check out what other students had to say about using Tablet PCs in their studies.  Also, check out this site about HP grants for higher education.

We had a lot of good comments from readers about our previous post detailing why the public education system struggles to incorporate technology-based learning.  Many of our readers commented that they believed Tablet PCs were best implemented into the college setting rather than a K-12 environment.

What do you see as the biggest roadblocks in using Tablet PCs or other technology in the college setting?

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