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Get All Jackson Pollack Like With This Clever Oddity



JacksonpollackIf you like to dabble in doodling and fancy yourself the next Jackson Pollack, (or you just like to throw paint around) then you should check out this clever little web oddity. The Jackson Pollack painting program allows you to take your pen and toss paint this way and that and create whatever dribbling mess of a painting you want. The program is a web app and it loads up in your browser. It works great with a stylus, just move your stylus around. The longer it stays on the screen the more the paint blobs into a pool. Move the pen quickly for smaller veins of paint. Touch the screen to change color. Of course this works with a mouse, but where’s the fun in that. And it is also quite fun on a Ultra-Mobile PC, and I would imagine any touch screen. Check it out here.

Hat tip to Loren Heiny.


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