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Get an Inside Look at OQO Headquarters



OQO, Tablet PC, Ultra Mobile PCSan Francisco news affiliate recently spent some time at OQO headquarters and took a look at the company behind the “pc that fits in your pocket”.

In other OQO news, Fast Company also did a pretty cool write up. Check it out.

There it sat, between my desktop PC, my laptop, and my iPhone, its role unclear. I stared at it. Not as handy for email as a smartphone, and more frustrating for word processing than a laptop. Where did the little guy fit?

As it turns out, it’s not worth trying to wedge the Model 02 between your existing suite of gadgets, because it really works better as a replacement for all of them. It took me a week to figure this out, detaching my monitor from its tower, putting the laptop away and using the docking station to make the OQO both my desktop and on-the-road PC. When on the road, the iPhone still handled quick internet excursions, but when it came time to book a hotel room on the train, or write a long-winded email to my sister in Europe, out came the Model 02. Back in its docking station, the Model 02 left little to be desired from my other PCs; only when it came time to do some work in Adobe CS did I retreat to my Core 2 Duo laptop.

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