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Get GTA 5 For $20 From Microsoft



Gamers who haven’t yet taken on the criminal underworld in GTA 5 can do so for relatively nothing. Microsoft’s retail stores and website are offering the latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise for just $20.

Microsoft began offering GTA 5 for $20 early this morning, marking the fifth day of the 12 Days of Deals promotion it began this past Monday. There don’t seem to be any sales gotchas, however there are a few things that users potential buyers should be aware of. For starters, Microsoft is only pricing the first 5000 copies of GTA 5 that it sells at $19.99. It’s also limiting the amount of copies users can purchase at that price to just 1 .

Users who don’t manage to get one of those deeply discounted copies can still save on the game. Microsoft will offer GTA 5 for $34.99 for the rest of the day or at least “while supplies last.” Users can purchase 3 copies at this price.

gta 5 for 20

Overall,  it’s an incredible deal for gamers who are itching to experience GTA 5’s updated play mechanics and the huge world in-game world that is Los Santos. As an open world game, users can pull off robberies and heists to purchase, planes, cars, helicopters, real-estate and businesses. Each copy of the game also includes access to Grand Theft Auto: Online the multiplayer world that allows users to create their own characters and team up with other players from around the world for even more daring heists.

Users who purchase the game now are getting a more robust game than the users who purchased the game at launch. That’s because Rockstar Games, GTA 5’s developer, has released tons of downloadable content that is designed to keep users interested in the game and its story line. Available content includes, an entirely new beach area in the game’s story mode and sandbox tools that allow gamers to create their own death matches against foes.

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Users spend most of the game playing as Trever, Michael and Franklin. It’s these three characters that make up the core of the GTA story and provide a nice spring-board into the game’s large-scale robberies, murders and interesting story.

The Microsoft Store is only offering the Xbox 360 copy of GTA 5, the game isn’t available on the Xbox One.

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