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The Get Off the Phone Song



As the slug line for this video suggests there is quite a bit of irony if you watch this video on your phone. About 30 seconds after the always connected life made possible by smartphones became a thing, we started seeing advice, recommendations, and suggestions that counseled us to turn off our smartphones and enjoy the world around us. It’s actually good advice. But so is the adage “everything in moderation.”


I’m sure we’ve all been in situations where we wanted to smack the phone out of a friend or family member’s hand at one point or another. And I’m sure we ourselves are no saints when it comes to being glued to the small screen at inappropriate moments. I happen to know a couple who have taken a vow to never take their smartphones out on a date again.

Well, if you enjoy watching cultural clichés getting rolled up into music videos, you might enjoy Rhett and Link’s Get Off the Phone Song. 

And just as much fun is watching the behind the scenes filming of the Get Off the Phone Song.

Just don’t watch these videos on your phone.


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