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Feedblitz_logoWe are pleased to announce another way for you to get your GBM fix: email notifications .

After subscribing using this link or the link on the right side of the site, you will receive a daily update from FeedBltiz with links to all of the news, features, and InkShows that we have published for the day delivered directly to your Inbox.

So, if you are highly mobile one day with access only to email, you can still keep up with what we doing on GBM and not feel like you are out of touch with the latest happenings in the Tablet PC and Mobile PC world.

In addition to subscribing to our site via email and via our general RSS feed, each of the categories on the left side of the site has its own RSS feed. So, if you only want to get notified via RSS when an InkShow has been published, for example, you can subscribe to that specific RSS feed.

If there are other suggestions you have that will make it easier and more convenient for you to subscribe to our content, please let us know.


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