Get Your Kids to Bed Early This New Year’s Eve with Netflix
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Get Your Kids to Bed Early This New Year’s Eve with Netflix



A huge portion of parents in the United States will bring in the New Year’s Day at home with their children instead of heading off to a local bar or friend’s party. For those users, Netflix is rolling out an on-demand countdown with one of its animated stars so that subscribers to get their children off to bed at a reasonable time.

Netflix announced a special on-demand New Year’s Eve countdown featuring characters from its All Hail King Julien animated show earlier this week. Theoretically, the special New Year’s Eve countdown is meant as a more kid-friendly way to ring in the New Year. That being said, it also has the added benefit of being available to stream in Netflix’s library at any time. This means, Netflix subscribers can set the video to play and trick their children into thinking that they’ve made it to the beginning of 2015 without falling asleep.


Netflix, who offers an on-demand streaming television and movie service unrivaled in the United States, is launched All Hail King Julien this past December in the United States. It’s a children’s show produced by DreamWorks Animations. Julien, the show’s star, got his start in Madagascar, a DreamWorks film. All Hail King Julien is completely exclusive to Netflix’s streaming service. Five episodes of the show are available today for users to stream today. More will roll out as time goes on.

Wakefield Research was actually the company that found so many adults were planning to change clocks around the house or reset wrist watches to trick their children into going to be earlier than the actual New Year. 36 percent of parents told the research company that they would search for video of a countdown in a different time zone to pull off the trick on their children. 22 percent said they’d actually go through with a faked countdown.

Netflix says its special All Hail King Julien countdown will be available for subscribers in the U.S. Canada, Latin America, UK, Ireland, Netherlands and France. Subscribers can stream the countdown on their computers here, or add it to their Netflix list for viewing on other devices. A Netflix subscription costs $9.99 a month for two simultaneous streams. Pricing goes up from there depending on how many users can stream from one account at the same time. The company still offers a traditional DVD video service too, though this special video countdown likely won’t be available on disc.

To pull off the trick as realistically as possible parents will need a subscription or free trial of Netflix. Additionally, they’ll need to download one of the Netflix apps to their favorite device. In the living room there are Netflix apps for video game consoles like the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Wii and Wii U. Set-top boxes with Netflix apps capable of streaming the countdown include the Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Apple TV. There’s one notable exception though, users can’t stream Netflix content from Sony’s PlayStation TV set-top box.

Just because they’re away from home doesn’t mean parents traveling can’t pull the same trick on their children. Windows 8, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and Android devices all have native Netflix apps capable of streaming the miniature countdown too. Look for all of them in each platform’s app store.

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