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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things



Well, it has been quite a day here at Our blogging software, DasBlog, choked big time and the site went down. The server was responding fine, as evidenced by the GBM Forums staying up, so we were able to identify that DasBlog was the culprit. Rob spent the day diligently working, trying to figure out what the issues were, with not much luck. Up until a few minutes ago, we were planning on a very quick switchover to another blogging engine.

Then bang. The site was back. As if by some sort of magic. So at the moment things are running again on the home page and it appears that all links are intact.

We have been planning switching from DasBlog, and obviously today’s incident accelerates that planning, so look for some big changes coming ahead.

We lost three posts during the outage, including Sierra’s great Inkshow on he Iliad E-Book reader, which we’ll be reposting soon. For now you can go to this link to see the InkShow.

Thanks for bearing with us.

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