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Getting My Tablet PC Evangelism Mojo Back?



Warnerc2Maybe things are looking up as far as my Tablet PC Evangelism goes. Last weekend I wrote that I felt like I was being pretty lousy as a Tablet PC Evangelist because I was watching a steady stream of my employees choose non-Tablet PCs as their next mobile computers. Yesterday, I think I got some of my evangelism mojo back. It was media day as we prep to open our new theatre space a week and a day from now. We arranged to have all the local media come in for interviews and pictures of the theatre being worked on. We had several crews working installing seats, hanging stage lighting, painting, cleaning windows, installing the sound system, etc It was a real show and tell in many ways.

I did a series of interviews after taking each member of the media on a tour of the facility and had the Lenovo ThinkPad X61 in hand the entire day to keep track of a number of tasks and appointments. With no real intention of showing it off as I went through the day, a portion of each of the interviews focused on the Tablet PC because the interviewers had never seen one before. As I watched them pull out their small notebooks and take notes, and the one reporter who used a small tape recorder, I mentioned that they could use a Tablet PC to do the same work. Light bulbs went off like flash bulbs. And at least two of the reporters I talked to said they were going to look into purchasing a Tablet PC. (Lenovo’s Father’s Day Sale certainly didn’t hurt either.)


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