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Getting notified about InkShows, viewing the FLVs



A couple of readers have asked about getting notifications whenever a new InkShow is published.

Well, we do have a general RSS feed on the site that should notify you about everything that gets posted, but if you just want to get notified about new InkShows, you can subscribe to that using this link. All the InkShow posts now contain links to directly download the media file.

BTW: All the posting categories on the left side of the site have their own RSS feed, so feel free to click on that particular RSS link to the left and add it to your RSS reader.

Update on viewing the InkShows originally encoded as FLV: If you are wanting to download the FLV files to view them on your own computer at a later time, I have found a free FLV player  courtesy of ( spyware free ).

Here are the direct links to the InkShows encoded as FLV so you can download them yourself. I’ll update the InkShows themselves later on this week with the direct download link and the free FLV player.

I think LibSyn is having some temporary issues with downloading from their archive server, so you might want to keep trying to download. Let us know if you have trouble downloading any of the four FLV’s.




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