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Getting The iPhone 6 on the Cheap: iPhone Trade-In Value Breakdown



Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus yesterday opened up all sorts of possibilities for potential buyers. New hardware in the iPhone 6 devices allow users to leave the credit card and home and pay for purchases with their phone. The camera inside the iPhone 6 devices allow users to record video in full high-definition. Both of those features alone make the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus great phones to purchase – and that’s before you add both device’s larger displays to the equation.

What Apple has created is a perfect situation for users looking for a new smartphone. In theory, any remaining users who were on the fence about joining the smartphone revolution and picking up the iPhone should be swayed. Even more importantly, users of the iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s are definitely going to want to upgrade – even if they purchased their device recently.

iPhone 5s sale

Trade-in your iPhone 5s for extra money towards the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

When upgrading to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there really are only a few ways to save a lot of money and trading in your old iPhone is really the most important. Here’s an updated look at how iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c trade-in values stand so that you can get the best deal on Apple’s two new iPhones.

Comparing iPhone Trade-Value

With all of the major iPhones released in the last few years, it can be tough to compare the trade-in value for each of them. How high the trade-in value for your iPhone is depends on a couple of different factors. First, there’s what carrier you purchased it on.

Many carriers lock the iPhones that they sell directly to users. Depending on what network your device is on that could mean higher or lower trade-in value. For example, the iPhone 5s on T-Mobile could be worth less than the trade-in value on the iPhone 5s on AT&T. It’s also important to understand that the condition your device is in and how much storage it has factors heavily into how much you receive. Each company here will ask you detailed questions about the condition of the iPhone you’re trade in. Be truthful and upfront. Unlocked means that the device isn’t beholden to one single carrier.

For the purposes of this breakdown we’ll be looking at the price of an AT&T iPhones in the best condition.


Early this morning Amazon becane one of the first of the large companies that allow users to trade-in devices to start talking iPhone trade-ins. For a limited time the company is allowing users to lock-in their trade-in values until October 10th. What that means is that users who file for a trade-in with Amazon now won’t see their devices further depreciate until October 10th. It’s an easy way to make sure that you maximize your savings even if you plan on holding off on upgrading to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus for a few weeks. If you accept a trade-in offer and send your device to Amazon, you’ll get the value of the iPhone back in the form of a Gift Card that can only be used on Amazon. Thankfully, Amazon sells iPhones online on release day too.

AT&T Unlocked
iPhone 4 16GB $78 $80
iPhone 4s 16GB $125 $120
iPhone 5 16GB $232 $255
iPhone 5c 16GB $199 $272
iPhone 5s 16GB $312 $385
iPhone 5s 64GB $400 $400


Unlike Amazon, Gazelle is all about letting users spend the value of their iPhone wherever they want. The company offers payment in the form of Amazon gift cards, paper checks or PayPal. Users who accept an offer will need to ship their iPhone to Gazelle and wait for payment.

AT&T Unlocked
iPhone 4 16GB $60
iPhone 4s 16GB $110
iPhone 5 16GB $150 $175
iPhone 5c 16GB $150 $175
iPhone 5s 16GB $255 $290
iPhone 5s 64GB $275 $325


Glyde is a bit different than most trade-in services. Users actually list their devices on Glyde with a description. Glyde then provides users with essential packaging and postage.  Users then get paid with a bank transfer, check or even Bitcoin, a new type of digital currency.  Glyde lets users choose between listing their device for sale at market value or a bit higher. Users can also price their deices lower to move them quickly. The prices here reflect that market price. Glyde takes a cut of your sale proceeds. These prices here also reflect that cut that Glyde takes off the top and an included power cable and charger.

iPhone 4 16GB $61
iPhone 4s 16GB $115
iPhone 5 16GB $183
iPhone 5c 16GB $237
iPhone 5s 16GB $283
iPhone 5s 64GB $336


A few years ago Apple began accepting older iPhones for trade-ins as a way to stay environmentally responsible and provide users with an easy way to unload their devices. Users who submit their device for the program, which is ran by Brightstar, get an Apple Store gift card as payment.

iPhone 4 16GB $60
iPhone 4s 16GB $115
iPhone 5 16GB $205
iPhone 5c 16GB $175
iPhone 5s 16GB $310
iPhone 5s 64GB $310


Finally, NextWorth mirrors the other mainstream iPhone trade-in services. Users who choose to receive their payment via PayPal get their full cash value on the same day their device is processed at NextWorth’s facilities. Checks, Discover prepaid credit cards, and Target Gift Cards are all options but they can take at least 3 days to arrive.

AT&T Unlocked
iPhone 4 16GB $58 $65
iPhone 4s 16GB $100 $107
iPhone 5 16GB $148 $170
iPhone 5c 16GB $155 $166
iPhone 5s 16GB $192 $237
iPhone 5s 64GB $196 $241

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If you aren’t satisfied with these services there are others to choose from, for example Best Buy and even GameStop offer trade-in programs of their own. Just remember to have your iPhone’s power cable and charger to eke out a little extra in trade-in value. Apple and many of the nation’s largest carriers began taking iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders in just on September 12th.

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1 Comment

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