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Getting Things Done with Gmail and Firefox



Cropped screenshot showing the GTD Box feature of GTDInboxWe have many readers who follow David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology for task, project, and email management. I’ve read his book several times, and also enjoy corresponding with good friend and GBM reader Eric Mack, who is a well-known productivity and GTD consultant.

Well, I just read a post over on Web Worker Daily about a free Firefox add-on that aims to bring the GTD philosophy to Gmail + Firefox users: GTDInbox. What I love about this Firefox addon is how it seamlessly integrates into Gmail, bringing integrated task management to an email application that desperately needs it.

From the GTDInbox website:

Faster Daily Use of Gmail

  • Do your most common functions within one or two intuitive clicks using a new popup command box that lets you preview, archive, delete or modify labels on your emails.

Turn email into tasks

  • Mark emails as actions to be completed and give them a priority. Process actions by project, context or person.

Browse Gmail as a personal information database

  • Categorise actions, communication and resources (e.g. files, meeting plans, invoices) into meaningful clusters – such as by project, context or contact – for easier information discovery and retrieval later.

I’m going to play with GTDInbox over the coming weeks. I’d encourage you to check it out, too, if you are a Gmail and Firefox user, and looking to get control over your email inbox.


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