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GigaByte M528 MID Pricing Set. Still Too High



UMPCPortal is reporting that GigaByte has set pricing and availability(at least in Taiwan) details on the M528 MID. The M528 will debut at $750, which if you ask me is still way to high for the MID space. That price does include a 3G option so you’ll need a contract with a carrier. This MID is scheduled to roll out in late July, again in Taiwan.

Gigabyte m528

Again, I think $750 is too high for a device in this space. There’s confusion reigning about MIDs anyway and if the manufacturers don’t find a way to bring these in at a sub-$500 price point, I’m not sure how they will fare in a market of ultra-net-mini-sub-low-cost devices. There’s also that iPhone 3G thing at $199.


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