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Gigabyte M912M With Vista and OS X



image GBM reader Hector Gomez has taken ownership of a Gigabyte M912M and has been putting the M912M through a variety of scenarios, even installing Mac OS X (which we don’t recommend due to license violations).  That said, it is quite cool to see a touch-based netbook running Mac OS X. Give his full review, along with pictures, a read here.

Overall I like the M912, its fast enough for everyday use of email, word, excel, and web browsing. I have been able to edit pictures with Adobe Photoshop Elements with no problem. The battery life so far is giving me 3 hrs with Wi-Fi on and with Wi-Fi off around 3.30 hrs. Compare to the SC3 which gives me 2.25 hrs with Wi-Fi on. I do have BT on most of the time. The M912 is very easy to upgrade if you like. You open the bottom panel and you have access to hard drive, memory (which I upgraded to 2GB) and the PCI slots for upgrading. One of the PCI slots is disabled from the M912 but you can still use it by typing PIN 20 from a 3g card or Wi-Fi card. The screen brightness is not as bright as my Kohjinsha SC3, and also the colors are not as rich as the SC3. But this is still good enough for a mobile device. It would have been nice if they would have added a hardware on/off switch for the Wi-Fi and BT. The hard drive it comes with is a 5400 RPM drive which is nice.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. davidm

    10/27/2008 at 9:35 am

    If Gigabyte were to release a slightly upgraded version of this tablet (better battery and keyboard) at a low price point, they’d clean up. A lot of people are holding out for a mini tablet like this.

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