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Gigabyte Releases the M704 UMPC



gigabyte-m704 Gigabyte has opened up a product page for the new M704 UMPC.  It looks like old U60 from the past, but sporting a faster VIA 1.2 ghz processor (up from 1.0) and a higher resolution screen of 1024 x 600 (up from 800 x 480).  This release is also sporting a new and better looking (IMO) bezel.   On that better looking bezel they have moved the controls and buttons on the bezel from the left side to the right side…  wonder if that was from customer feedback??  I personally have always liked this style of UMPC, especially after seeing it at CES last year.  Wonder if we’ll be seeing this M704 at CES this year.

VIA – Engadget and Ultra Mobile PC Tips

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