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Glass and the Toshiba M200/205: Scott Hanselman Goes At It



Toshiba M200Ah, the venerable Toshiba M200/205 Tablet PC. The favorite of many (including many Microsofties) and all but abandoned by Toshiba (in favor of the M400) when it came to Vista support. I had (and still do) have Vista running without Aero Glass on the M200 just fine, but have since moved on to other battles and am content to have a glassless M200 when I need to use that Tablet PC. I did have glass running under both RC1 and RC2 (and of course the performance was degraded, but I expected that) but there was no luck with RTM. 

Many M200/205 users just won’t give up the ghost. Scott Hanselman is one such user. In this post he walks through the trials and travails of trying to get Vista running on the M200/205. He hasn’t had success yet. But if you’re one of those holding out hope for every seeing Vista Glass on your M200/205 you might want to follow Scott’s adventure. If anyone can hack Glass to life on Toshiba’s M200, Scott is someone I’d bet could do it. Check out his stuff here.

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