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GMail Goes Down and Comes Back Up



gmaillogo-thumb.pngCrazy. GMail went down over night (at least in the US and parts of Europe) and of course it caused quite a stir when that happened. I found out curiously via a phone call. At the theatre where I work we are in the casting and hiring part of our season. I’m in the process of making offers to folks to come to work with us and naturally those offers have an expiration time on them.

A couple of offers were due to expire last night at midnight, and as luck would have it, last evening was one of the few times I have had to chill out and actually get to bed early, trying to catch up on some rest. One of our potential hires, noticing that GMail was down and that the deadline was approaching decided not to be deterred and called me on my cell phone to accept the offer.

Yeah, he woke me up, but that was OK. But it was a strange way of finding out that GMail had gone down. Had I been awake, I’m sure I would have noticed the avalanche of Tweets on Twitter about this as it was occurring. Apparently the issues behind the outage have been corrected and things are running again in GMail land, although there are still some scattered reports of things running slowly.

Here’s a link to the GMail blog with what Google is saying about this.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rebecca J

    02/24/2009 at 8:29 am

    I wondered what was going on. I’m not annoyed with them at all which proves if a company is built on fair principles and is honest with it’s customers, things like this don’t matter too much.

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