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Gmail Motion Controls Come to Life With Kinect



Gmail Motion and the Predator Computer interface both get us pretty excited because they show new ways we might interact with our technology, but you can’t start using them just yet. Thankfully a group of researchers solved the issue and has showcased a method of controlling Gmail with a Kinect sensor. Best of all, they use the suggested Google controls.

You can check out the SLOOW – Software Library Optimizing Obligatory Waving – control method that allows you to control Gmail with a Kinect sensor as if Gmail Motion were a real product. The video is worth watching, if only for the send action at the end.

While we are at the edge of motion control, the technology is finally reaching the availability, affordability and usability that it needs to reach out and take a hold of our future computer interactions. Imagine a system that relies on the amazing Predator motion tracking system to allow for natural motion controls of our computers, tablets and smart phones — which are increasingly shipping with front facing cameras and kickstands.

You may think that the technology won’t replace our current interactions, but if we went back five to seven years, you’d probably say the same thing about touchscreen keyboards, but look how fast a nation of smart phone addicts have converted to a new way of interacting with smart phones and tablets.

For an idea of how this technology could really come to market, look at the Future of Computer Interaction in the Predator video below.

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