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Gmail Priority Inbox



Google’s introducing an automatic filtering tool called Priority Inbox that predicts which emails you’ll want to read. Think of it as a reverse spam filter that, over time, learns which contacts are most important and which emails are likely to be read and responded to.

If you’ve been online long enough, you probably remember the good old days when you’d be pleasantly surprised to find a new message in your inbox. Back before everyone had an email address, online bill alerts and social network alerts, it was a treat to go visit my inbox. Not anymore. Even with various filters, my inbox is a warzone, flooded with hundreds of messages a day. Once in a while I have to declare email bankruptcy (marking all as read) because there simply isn’t enough time to read all the stuff that’s just a grade or two above spam.

Gmail Priority Inbox will be rolling out to Gmail and Google Apps users over the next week.

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