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Go Hands On The New MacBook and Multi-Touch Trackpad



image JkOnTheRun’s James Kendrick went off and bought the new Apple MacBook and has been posting some great hands-on video and first impressions. Although I only played with the MacBook for about an hour the other day, I agree with James’ first impressions and think they are spot on:

I think it is a good alternative to spending much more money for the bigger MacBook Pro while offering almost everything by way of performance that the expensive one provides.  I do wish this had a Firewire port so I could use it with my camera and I am afraid all of those ports being so close together will end up making it hard, if not impossible, to hook up a lot of peripherals.  It would have been better if those could have been spread out more and some of them moved to the opposite side perhaps.  I am definitely finding this MacBook to have been worth the money, although it would be nicer if it was somewhat cheaper for sure.



  1. luis

    10/17/2008 at 9:41 pm

    Apple used to take pride in their computers being very artist/creative oriented and user friendly.
    How can they justify getting rid of a vital technology for indie musicians and videomakers?

    Plus, doesn´t Apple understand that their own software -like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro- rely pretty much on firewire as an I/O for data transfer?

    Does anybody at Apple think about how many young creative students rely on Macbooks for their projects?
    It is not nice at all to tell them “just buy a new USB camera or audio interface”

    The “think different” slogan just doesn’t suits Apple anymore

    Shame… the Mac guy is becoming PC

    Too bad Mr. $teve Gates…

  2. dc

    10/18/2008 at 2:13 am

    I thought the whole point of the thus far very successful ibook/macbook coupled with iLife was to get average folks involved with their computers in artistic ways beyond Office, email, etc. This line is supposed to be the “hub for your digital lifestyle” – not just for those with camcorders less than a year old (more than half of which don’t actually work with macs), not just for those who believe a FW audio interface is a PRO only device.

    Mr. Jobs needs to realize that this is about “our digital lifestyle”, not his. The average Macbook owner simply can’t afford his.

    Sadly I see this much in the same way as I saw the release of the Apple TV – a great product shot in the foot sales-wise because Mr. Jobs thought everyone in the market for a media player should have a TV as new and cool and expensive as his.

    Now just as AppleTV hasn’t been the “Media Player for the rest of us” now the Macbook is no longer “the laptop for the rest of us” either.

  3. davidm

    10/19/2008 at 1:43 pm

    dc, I think their new mandate is to make lots of money by focusing on providing a refined alternative general purpose computer for people with money, and not incidentally build an efficient gateway for their media distribution system. they have become a bmw, rather than the beetle or space-ship many of us would hope for.

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