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Go mobile and leave your power worries behind



Pps-2I’ve been eyeing these portable batteries from ever since I saw James Kendricks’ at CES this past year. Well, with the announcement from BatteryGeek on the Portable Power Station, I finally decided to bite the bullet.

With the ability to keep my tablet pc powered up and recharge the battery at same, along with the highly flexible battery charging tips and choices, this Portable Power Station looks to be a winner for folks frequently on the run and needing to charge multiple devices. They list for $500, and are exclusively available from for $299.99.

 From’s press release:

Battery Geek Inc. announced today that it has become the exclusive distributor of the Portable Power Station, a solution that provides an exponential increase in run time for personal and business electronics. The revolutionary external rechargeable battery “provides as much as up to over triple the run time for iPods, mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, MP3 players, digital cameras, camcorders, and other devices.

Battery expert Sean Murray, the founder and CEO of Battery Geek Inc., refers to the Portable Power Station as “the BMW M6 of battery packs. That’s why we’re especially proud to be able to add it to our inventory of superior power pack solutions.”

No Need to Power Down to Charge Up
The Portable Power Station is both MAC- and PC-compatible. It features built-in variable voltage selection making it appropriate to a wide range of devices. And while most external power solutions do not allow you to power your mobile device while simultaneously recharging your external battery, “one of the most appealing benefits of the Portable Power Station is that it features independant power in and power out jacks which allow you to use your device while simultaneously charging your battery,” says Murray.



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