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Go to Microsoft Stores to Beat Windows 10 Upgrade Problems



Microsoft has a solution for anyone who thinks they aren’t well-prepared for the free Windows 10 upgrade now rolling out to users. According the company, its Microsoft Store locations will let users skip out on navigating what some have characterized as a minefield of Windows 10 upgrade problems. Anyone who takes an eligible PC into a Microsoft Store will get the Windows 10 upgrade installed at no charge.

In an email sent to GottaBeMobile representatives for Microsoft confirmed that anyone who wants to get Windows 10 can come there at no charge. Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. The first major update to arrive since Windows 8.1, Windows 10 is stuffed with new features for power users and options for users who don’t have a touch-enabled PC.

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To get the Microsoft Store to perform the free Windows 10 upgrade users need only make a appointment with the store’s Answer Desk. As it’s name suggests, the Answer Desk provides access to technicians who know how to perform the upgrade and can troubleshoot any problems that come up. Think of the Microsoft Store Answers Desk as a direct line to Microsoft’s engineers. The retailer is owned and operated by Microsoft entirely. There are 76 different locations scattered throughout the United States, with another opening in New York City this fall.

To be clear, Microsoft Store Answer Desk technicians will only perform the Windows 10 upgrade for free on devices that support it. All other users will have to pay for the upgrade when its available. Windows 10 is only free to users who have a notebook, desktop or tablet running Home and Professional versions of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Anyone who qualifies for the upgrade should have already received an alert on their PC asking them to reserve Windows 10. Reserving Windows 10 lets the upgrade download silently and sit on a PC until the owners is ready to begin the installation process.

Taking advantage of this free Windows 10 upgrade opportunity without the potential hassles and dangers of handling it is a great move for users who’ve never updated their system before. Anyone should be able to perform the standard upgrade easily, Microsoft has tried to make the process as straight forward as possible. It’s when Windows 10 upgrade problems strike that casual users definitely want someone by their side to walk them through what’s happening. The overwhelming majority of Windows 10 upgrades are going fine, but a somewhat alarming number of people are running into problems.

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Presumably, Microsoft will let users upgrade at the Microsoft Store Answers Desk for as long as Windows 10 is free. Microsoft is only guaranteeing free updates to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users for the first year after launch. How much, and if it’ll charge users after that year is up remains unclear.

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Windows 10 is the best operating system update Microsoft has released since Windows 7. A new Windows Store lets anyone download apps, programs, music and games using their Microsoft Account. Cortana is Windows 10’s built-in personal assistant, letting users set reminders, search the web and even send emails with their voice or through text.

Internet Explorer is on the bench, having been replaced by Microsoft Edge, a new web browser with built-in note-taking and easy reading support. Mail, Calendar, People, Music, Video and games have huge updates too.

Anyone can check with their closest Microsoft Store for an appointment here.

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