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GoBinder 2006 officially released



Well, this comes as a surprise. According to Agilix’s press release, GoBinder 2006 has been officially released. I’ve checked their beta support page and there is no announcement there, although it does appear on their homepage.

Checkout our InkShow for a good overview of GoBinder 2006.  Download the new version (build 2029) here . If you are a beta tester, go to Help / Check For Updates to download the update.  This upgrade is free for existing GoBinder 2005 users, $99 for new installations.  Here is a little snippet of their press release.

The new 2006 version of GoBinder adds better course and personal project management. A new course tab feature enables students to store all course content, personal notes, contacts, tasks and appointments that relate to a specific course. This gives students two views of their information—one by course and a second being a global view. All contacts, tasks and appointments for all courses and extracurricular activity can still be accessed through the calendar, and task and contact managers. The course tab feature can also be used for basic project management, enabling students and professionals to manage all meetings, people, assignments and information related to a project in one place.

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