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GoBinder 2006 on the Ultra Mobile PC



Agilix GoBinder 2006If you remember my post from last week regarding the Ultra Mobile PC being demoed at the Blackboard Conference, I said  that several of the apps mentioned to be built to run on the UMPC  included Blackboard Backpack and GoBinder 2006.

Now that there is a list of ISVs who have stated that they will support the UMPC platform by ensuring their apps run nicely on the UMPC and take advantage of this new interface, I asked Mark Calkins, Vice President of Marketing for Agilix, what exactly they did to make GoBinder 2006 fit the UMPC platform. Here was his reply:

The main things we did for the March 1 release was to rearrange the toolbars to work better on a 7” screen and support the new Touch Screen functionality in the OS.

I’m waiting on some screen shots from Mark with their app running in the emulator so we’ll have an idea of it looks like. I’ll post them when I get them.

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