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GoBinder to OneNote 2007 Conversion Utility Released



One of the biggest requests folks have had when making the changeover from GoBinder to OneNote was how to port all those notes. Prior to today, the only way was to “print” them, one by one, using the OneNote 2007 printer driver. I know of this pain quite well, because I was a huge GoBinder user and have taken those time intensive steps.

Well, Jeremy Lewi has come to our rescue. He has just released a GoBinder 2006 to OneNote 2007 conversion hack / utility and it is available for free! Here is a description, and a link to the download / instructions. Consider this a hack and at “alpha” level, and could use the help of the community in making it better / testing it out. He is also making the source code available to anyone who would like to improve upon this conversion utility.

A program to convert notes in Agilix Gobinder to notes in OneNote 2007. My goal for this conversion was to preserve content (i.e ink and text) so that I could edit in OneNote 2007. This is a hack which I only intended to run once. As a result, there are many features which are still missing (i.e how to handle imported documents in GoBinder).

Well done, Jeremy!


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