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Going Mobile In Gas-Challenging Times



Let’s face it, these are certainly interesting times to be a mobile worker. With gas prices now above $4 a gallon, people are looking for creative ways to save money. On my way to the office the past several months, I’ve noticed more and more people on motorcycles or bicycles, and I’m about to join the crowd.

Once I get back from my AMD trip this week, I’ll be making my daily commute to the office on my bike, with my Dell Tablet PC, clothes, and gear packed up in a Tom Bihn Brain Bag. Years ago, I used to bike to work and home every day, so it won’t be a huge shocker. I’m actually looking forward to it. My ride to work is about 10 miles, which I can knock out in no-time. I’ll be sure to film an InkShow of this new twist on “going mobile”.

Are you making changes to save some money on gas? Are you telecommuting from home more than usual? What changes have you made to your mobile set-up to help you stay out of the car more often?

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