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Going port-able with Tablets in Charleston



Rugged Tablet PCs like the Hammerhead are helping the port of Charleston with its cargo management:

Wireless tablet PCs help the port of Charleston, S.C., keep tabs on the thousands of tons of cargo that it handles every day. More than 2,000 trucks a day arrive with containers of agricultural products, consumer goods, machinery, metals, vehicles, chemicals and other payloads.

Port workers at the dozen lanes entering the port area use tablets to enter information and paperwork data from truck drivers into the port’s automated Yard Management System. Workers then print a ticket for each container. When a truck arrives to pick up a container, crane operators use their wireless tablets to determine which container is to be collected and where it is located. Then they repack the stacks of containers to make sure that the right one is ready by the time the truck gets to that area of the facility.


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