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Going Social With Sugarsync



picture-21I am a Sugarsync user and I have the 100 Gig account and for me personally, I really like the service.   One thing I like about using it as a backup solution is that I can access/backup from both my laptop (2 different partitions actually) and the Mac I have been using at home.   Another one of the features I use all the time is the Magic Briefcase because I can use it to sync automatically across all the computers – and my iPhone too.   I know this feature is available from many other services, but having it all there in one package is what keeps me using the Sugarsync service.

Today they pushed out some new “social” features that I will check out this evening.   If you are a Sugarsync user, you can now share easily using Gmail, Hotmail, AOL or Yahoo mail services.   They are also offering up new ways to share your images and other content on Facebook.   In addition to this new features, they are going to reward users with adding more space to existing accounts using a referral program.

Read the full press release after the break.

San Mateo, Calif. (PRWEB) June 17, 2009 – Sharpcast Inc. today announced the addition of several new sharing and mobile features to its widely popular digital life management service. The company also launched a referral program which will allow users to get up to 10 GB free for each person they refer to sign up for a SugarSync account.

Starting today, SugarSync accounts will have improved folder sharing capabilities, allowing users to easily collaborate with anyone in their Gmail, Hotmail, AOL or Yahoo Mail contact lists. Users can also directly upload photos stored in SugarSync to Facebook, providing a streamlined way to share photos with Facebook friends while also securely storing them in their SugarSync accounts.

SugarSync members will now be able to increase the size of their accounts for free by referring someone to open a new account. Users can refer others automatically by sharing a SugarSync folder with them or by sending an invitation through services such as Facebook or Twitter. Users can add as many as 10 GB per referral to their account depending on the level of account for which their referrals sign up.

“Syncing and storing files increasingly needs to be a social and collaborative experience and we are excited to be adding these new sharing features, as well as providing a new way for our users to be rewarded for sharing the SugarSync service with others,” said Laura Yecies, chief executive officer at Sharpcast. “Our goal is for SugarSync to work how our users work. Through our integration with popular applications like Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo Mail, SugarSync is taking another step in letting our users sync their digital lives using the Web in a way that feels the most natural to them.”

With this product release SugarSync will also be improving its industry-leading mobile offering, which includes free applications for BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and Windows Mobile platforms. Updates to the mobile service include an enhanced BlackBerry interface allowing easy navigation of large folders and account registration and full support for shared folders on all Windows Mobile devices.

SugarSync’s flexible syncing solution provides always-connected consumers and busy professionals a powerful way to organize, manage, share and access all their files on-the-go, instantly and securely from any Mac, PC, Netbook or mobile device. SugarSync can sync any type of digital file, such as photos, videos, spreadsheets or documents, giving users a seamless ability to organize and back-up their files and folders and manage their digital lives. Netbook and smartphone users are empowered by the service, as they are able to access any of their files no matter where they are without having to store anything on the device. SugarSync’s powerful solution has led to a deep level of engagement with its growing user base, resulting in over 1 billion files currently backed up by SugarSync with an average of 4 million files uploaded per day.

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