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Gold HTC One To Follow in Footsteps of new iPhone 5s



HTC is prepping its own gold HTC One flagship if recent pictures leaked to a Chinese social networking site are genuine.

The pictures, which surfaced this week on WeiBo, a Chinese social network similar to Twitter, showcase the front and rear housing of an HTC device. Although the device isn’t completely assembled, and lacks any internal components, the holes cut out for what could be the device’s ambient light sensor, proximity sensor and camera sensor indicate that what is being profiled is actually a gold variant of the HTC One flagship that the company debuted in March.

The pictures of the device’s housing are nearly identical to the pictures that surfaced earlier this year of the HTC One in other colors. Currently, users have more than a few color options to choose from when purchasing the device. A blue version of the HTC One debuted on Sprint this past weekend. That color, and possibly this leaked gold version, joins a lineup that includes devices in red, black and white.

Leaks of a new gold HTC One surfaced on a Chinese social networking website.

Leaks of a new gold HTC One surfaced on a Chinese social networking website.

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That the company is working on yet another color variant of the device, isn’t all that surprising. Having announced and shipped the HTC One earlier in the year, HTC seems to have adopted a new strategy of introducing more device colors over time to keep interest in the HTC One high.

It’s also not surprising to see that HTC One is planning a gold-colored device. Rumors of a gold color iPhone swirled for months ahead of Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 5s. That device goes on sale to users on all four major carriers this Friday, September 20th. While both the iPhone 5s and the pictured HTC One are gold-colored, HTC seems to have opted for a much deeper, richer color tone than Apple opted for.

There’s no word on if the new color variant will also come equipped with any internal specification improvements when compared to the HTC One color variants. While it’s 4.7-inch high-definition display, 2GB of RAM, rear-facing UltraPixel camera and BoomSound speakers have held up well against the competition, its Snapdragon 600 processor is starting to look increasingly stale in the face of new smartphones equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor.

According to Qualcomm, the company crafted the Snapdragon 800 processor with better performance and battery life in mind. The processor is at the heart of the LG G2.

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