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Golden-i Head-Mounted Wearable PC Hands-On Video



At the Consumer Electronics Show, we visited the Verizon Wireless booth to take a gander at Motorola Solutions new Golden-i headset, which is a head-mounted wearable PC. The device is geared at vertical markets, and its use can span multiple industries including law enforcement, medical, and other fields.

Essentially, the headset comprises of several components. The processing, battery, and wireless antennas are located at the rear of the headset, and wireless connectivity is enabled over WiFi to a mobile hotspot unit, like a MiFi or ZTE Jetpack, that can be worn on a belt. The headset itself has a monitor, which sits just below the level of sight, and replicates a 15-inch display. It also has a camera that’s mounted, which would relay what the wearer is seeing to a command center or a specialist if additional help is needed.

Golden-i is completely controlled by voice and head movement.

To really get a feel for how Golden-i works, check out our video hands-on with the handset below:

The prototype right now costs $2,500-$3,000 per unit, and Motorola Solutions say that production units will cost around the same.

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