Good Deal On Portable Storage: 500GB for $140

WdfMyBook_Premium_1CAfter writing the post on Weekend House Cleaning on Saturday and getting ready to do the chores I listed, a bit of geek irony hit. One of the drives I use for portable storage of images and other data failed. Yikes! In fact, I was afraid I would lose all of the data it contained. The good news is that I was able to retrieve the data. The better news is that I went shopping for a replacement and discovered quite a bargain. After searching online I also decided to visit the local big boxes on my way home and at Circuit City discovered that they were selling a 500GB Western Digital My Book for $179.99. I thought that was a good deal and scooped it up.

The irony isn’t over. When I got it home and began the unboxing I noticed a rattle inside of the device. Not a good sign. So I boxed it up and prepared to return it the next morning. I did. Lo and behold the price had dropped to $139.99 overnight. Not only did I make the exchange but I got to pocket $42 in the bargain. $139.99 for 500GB of portable storage is a pretty good deal. Online this morning it is listed as $159.99 (still not a bad price) but a call to my local Circuit City yielded the info that is was still selling for $139.99 there through the end of this month. Note that the Western Digital product page lists it at $219. So this is one of those times you might need to make a trip to the store for the savings. Amazon is currently listing it at $144.99.

The My Book weighs in at 2.90 pounds which is small enough to lug around if you need to, but because of the plastic case I wouldn’t advise toting it around that much. The 7200rpm speed makes it a handy backup solution if you’re looking for one. And wouldn’t you know it? It actually says it works with Vista. And at that price it is tough to beat.

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