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Good PS4 Deal Could Get You A Console Today



Shoppers who waited until the last-minute to purchase Sony’s PS4 video game console this holiday season stand to save a great deal if they take advantage of a new PS4 deal at Wal-Mart. As of now, Wal-Mart’s website is running a $329 PS4 deal that’ll still give lucky buyers a chance to get the console under their tree before the holiday season officially comes to a close.

Wal-Mart is offering the PS4 for $329 to shoppers of its website as of right now. That’s a $70 savings over how much a basic PS4 console bundle cost just last week. Surprisingly, PS4 shoppers can’t take advantage of the PS4 deal online and have the console shipped to them. Instead, this PS4 deal forces users to purchase online and head to their local Wal-Mart to pick up their purchase.

ps4 wal-mart deal

Checking around to see what Wal-Mart locations have PS4 consoles in stock is absolutely crucial to taking advantage of this savings. For what it’s worth, the company’s retail locations seem to be pretty well stocked with PS4s.

Unfortunately, there’s just one thing holding back this PS4 deal from being among the best we’ve seen yet. To perk up holiday sales a few weeks ago Sony introduced a PS4 bundle with a free game. No physical game was included in that bundle, but a digital download code was. It doesn’t appear as if the console included in this PS4 deal has a code redeemable for a free game.

If it doesn’t, buyers can expect the $70 they are saving to go towards the purchase of a game for the PS4. That goes for PS3 upgrades and all. Games made for the PS3 aren’t compatible with the PS4 strictly speaking. Investing in a subscription to Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription isn’t a bad idea either. Buyers will need a membership to the service to play video games online with friends and family members who already have a PS4.

Launched last year, Sony’s PS4 dominated video game console sales until Microsoft cut the price of its own Xbox One earlier this year. The PS4 offers a solid gaming experience with all the extras that users should expect from a modern device. Games can be downloaded directly from the PlayStation Network and or purchased from stores on a disc. Updates for those games happen in the background. Different apps and services let users broadcast video game footage from their console to Twitch and take screens and video.

Why the PS4 might be considered the better than the Xbox One comes down to three exclusive features. SharePlay, RemotePlay and PlayStation Now. SharePlay allows PS4 owners to hand over control of their games to their friends to play local game modes that would normally involve them sitting next in the same room on the same console. The feature also includes screen sharing too. RemotePlay allows PS4 owners to play games from their PS4 on a smartphone, tablet or console that has a RemotePlay app. Today, Sony’s Android smartphone, tablets and the PS Vita all support Remote Play.

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Then there’s PlayStation Now, a digital game rental service that’s available on all of Sony’s current gaming consoles and will eventually roll out to televisions and smartphones, according to Sony. Playing a game in the PlayStation Now library is as simple as picking up a controller, choosing a title and deciding how long you want to spend it in. Of course, all three features require that users have a very capable internet connection.

The PS4 comes with a power cable, a single HDMI cable and a wireless controller that doesn’t require batteries – it’s rechargeable. There’s no word yet on how long the Wal-Mart will offer this PS4 deal.

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