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Google Adds Google One Pass for Publishers



Well, what were we saying about competition regarding Apple and its publishing policies? Something like it would open up avenues for other platforms. Well, it looks like Google is trying to make sure it is working to stay out front with its subscription service and what it is calling Google One Pass.

According to the official blog, Google One Pass will allow publishers the freedom to experiment with payment plans. Here’s the relevant paragraph.

With Google One Pass, publishers can customize how and when they charge for content while experimenting with different models to see what works best for them—offering subscriptions, metered access, “freemium” content or even single articles for sale from their websites or mobile apps. The service also lets publishers give existing print subscribers free (or discounted) access to digital content. We take care of the rest, including payments technology handled via Google Checkout.

Google says that customers can access their One Pass content on any device with a single sign on and will avoid any re-authentication for consumers when they switch devices.

I’m not sure about this next comment and it will require more though. It seems to me that Apple and its controversial publishing guidelines is focusing more on creating consumer friendly one click method that eventually will be overlooked by those consuming because of convenience. On the other hand Google seems to be focusing on making life easier for the publishers. Though they aren’t doing so exclusive of the consumer. Although it could be argued that using Google’s Checkout isn’t as smooth as any one click method. My thinking is that in the end consumers will go where it is easy to spend their money for the content they want. But we’re a long way from that end point. If this breaks into a war where the publishers are doing the choosing based on the economics (and they have every right to do so) then we’re going to see quite a few bumps in the road ahead.

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