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Google Analytics for iPhone App: Quicklytics Does it All



Stop looking for a Google Analytics iPhone app, Quicklytics is the best way to access Google Analytics on the iPhone and it even includes real time traffic data.

After searching for a Google Analytics for iPhone app for months and waiting for Google to bring a version of its Android app to the iPhone and iPad there is no longer a need. Quicklytics offers access to all of the Google Analytics data and reports that I need on a smartphone, and is sometimes faster than using a computer.

At $7.99 Quicklytics is not a cheap app, but it is worth every penny for users that need constant access to Google Analytics and real time traffic data.

Quicklytics is a Google Analytics for iPhone app that is amazing.

Quicklytics is a Google Analytics for iPhone app that is amazing.

After using Quicklytics for months, a recent update added the only feature I was missing when using Google Analytics on the iPhone. The latest version adds Real time traffic data through a small icon in the upper right corner, so that it is easy to see how many users are on websites I work with and to see what content is popular. Before this update I would need to log into Google Analytics on the iPhone browser and deal with a design that wasn’t set up for mobile.

Quicklytics also offers access to basic and complex Google Analytics reports to track all of the information I need to know while on a phone. It is possible that there are some missing reports for heavy Analytics users, but I can access all the information I need to see on a mobile screen using Quicklytics.

The main screen hows a graph of the traffic for today compared to yesterday, with fast access to Yesterday, Monthly and Custom reports. Users can pick new information to put on this dashboard so that they can easily see the info they find most important.

Access reports and all your analytics data with Quicklytics.

Access reports and all your analytics data with Quicklytics.

For users that want to dive deeper the app offers access to the same categories as Google Analytics on the web. This Google Analytics for iPhone app offers access to a lot of data and custom reports that allow mobile users to stay on top of their information.

It is easy to witch between multiple websites and even Google accounts using the Quicklytics app. If you need to manage Google Analytics data from multiple Google accounts or even those linked to the same account this app makes switching sites and accounts easy, with no need to log in and mess with two-factor authentication after the initial setup.

At $7.99 Quicklytics is not an impulse buy for every app users, but if you use Google Analytics in a professional setting it is easily the best $8 you’ll spend on an app this month.

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