Google Android, ARM Processors Coming to HP Netbooks?

ces_09_1_freescale-2-500x332HP may begin selling netbooks with Google’s Android operating system according to the Wall Street Journal. HP’s engineers are evaluating Android as a low-cost option, but there are no firm plans quite yet. This makes me wonder if HP is planning to release a netbook with an   ARM processor.

We’re expecting to see several such products launch in the coming months. AT CES 2009 ODMs like Pegatron introduced new netbook designs that were looking for an OEM to refine and market. The guys at   Freescale recently told me that at least one of its partners is will bring a $149 netbook to market in the coming months.

Android was originally designed by Google to powe r smartphones. An Android/ARM netbook could be extremely thin and offer phone-like battery performance.

HP currently offers the Mini 1000 MiE (Ubuntu) as its entry-level netbook, but its hardware is nearly identical to more expensive Windows XP versions.