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Google Begins Roll Out of Music Search



Google is starting a gradual roll out of a new search service for music that should put a tune in your heart. No, Google is not getting into the music biz. The idea is this, if you search for a song title, lyric, artist, album name, etc… you’ll be presented with results that include links to audio previews of those songs which can be played back via MySpace or Lala. Google is also teaming up with streaming services Pandora, Rhapsody, and imeem, so that you can follow links to those services and discover more music similar to your query. Of course the supposed beauty of this is that no money changes hands as what you play doesn’t cost you, and Google isn’t collecting freight on the songs. The other services are already paying the piper.

Discovery seems to be the key here, at least as far as Google tells it. The idea is to make it easier for you to find music you’re looking for, or discover tunes similar. Lala is prepping an iPhone app, so we’ll see how this new musical search will evolve on the mobile front as well.

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