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Google+ Brings Snapseed to Online Photo Editing via Chrome



Google recently bought Snapseed, one of our favorite photo editors, and this week added the features from Snapseed into their Google+ online photo editing interface.

When Google+ bought Snapseed, some of us worried that we’d never see it again. Instead, Google maintained the app in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store for free. Now users can use all the great Snapseed instant and custom editing tools inside the Google Chrome browser.

google plus photo editing with snapseed

Open Photos in Google+ within Chrome and click on Edit to use Snapseed tools.

Google+ users who access the site using the Chrome browser, since its the only browser supported, can now click on Photos and choose an image. Click on Edit in the upper middle of the screen. The first time someone loads the site, Google+ highlights the feature to make sure users see the new tools.

Along the right the user will find all the familiar Snapseed tools along with the Google+ “Auto Enhance” button, which does a decent job of automatically improving photos by itself. If Auto Enhance doesn’t produce desired results, then use the “Customize” button to do manual edits or click on one of the many Snapseed icons below that.

The tools are split into two categories: Basic Adjustments and Creative Adjustments. Think of Basic as simple photo editing tools like cropping an image, rotation, exposure correction, sharpness and such. The Creative Adjustments seem inspired by apps like Instagram, with filters to make photos look like they come from a camera with a tilt-shift lens, strong center focus, intense sharpness or color, etc. Each filter lets users adjust the intensity of the filters or edits.

When finished the user clicks on Done Editing at the lower right. They can then share the image to Google+ circles or via email. That’s the biggest complaint about integrating Snapseed into Google+. We can’t post to other social networks anymore without exporting the image or saving it to the computer.

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