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Google building a tablet team… or new servers?



Word out of peHUB is that Google put a downpayment on Agnilux, a stealth tech startup founded by ex-employees of P.A. Semi, the chipmaker bought by Apple believed to be responsible for the A4 chip in the iPad. So what could Google want with a company composed of engineers from that know how to make super-efficient chips?

Speculation has turned almost immediately to tablets. The NYT Bits Blog reports, “A person familiar with the deal said Google acquired the firm not for silicon expertise or to build actual hardware, but for help with porting Google platforms like its Chrome and Android operating systems onto other devices – like tablets, or possibly even television set-top boxes.” However, in an earlier report, they heard that Agnilux was working on some new type of server. Google deploys their share of servers, right?

No one has a clue at this time, but it’s clear Google is upgrading their hardware design capability. Could lead to new tablet designs. Could improve and expand their cloud computing experience. Could do both. Interesting times await.

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