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Google Catalog for the iPad



If you’re like my wife you have been receiving a ton of catalogs the last month or so, and probably will receive more in the next few weeks. Catalogs seem to fall like leaves from trees when summer turns to autumn and the holiday season approaches.

So, of course there should be a digital solution for those who like to browse the catalogs. Well there is, at least for the iPad. And that solution, curiously, comes from Google. Google Catalogs for the iPad allows you to browse through digital catalogs in a variety of product categories. Of course the catalog companies have to make their content available so you may not find a digital replacement for your favorite, and the selection is a bit limited.

I may be wrong on this, but the Android version of Google Catalogs is still in the “coming soon” queue. You’d think that this would have been a priority, but apparently not. If this has changed, someone let me know.

There’s a price tag on most items that will take you to a “buy on website” button where you are free to spend your money to your heart’s content. The Google Catalog Apps is free for the iPad.


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