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Google Chrome Beta for Mac and Linux Now Available and Chrome Extensions Also



google-chrome-navigateur-web (1)The long awaited and eagerly anticipated Google Chrome Beta for Mac and Linux is now available. For PC users who have been enjoying Chrome for quite some time now the more important news might be that Extensions for Chrome are now also available. You can check out the extensions here. The Mac beta of Chrome does not support extensions as of yet.

There are quite a few available extensions, and I’m happy to see that a beta version of Xmarks, an excellent bookmark syncing utility that works across platforms  is available. Of course the real test here will be to see if and how extensions play or don’t play nice with the Chrome browser.



  1. Joe

    12/08/2009 at 2:59 pm

    Still useless on a tablet. I’m getting a little annoyed lately at the slow speed of Firefox, both the stable version, betas, and even the Minefield 3.7 prealpha daily builds. (If I leave FF open for around an hour, memory usage continues to climb, I’ve seen it hit 1GB before).

    However, Chrome just doesn’t have the functionality I’d need. First of all, absolutely no TIP support on tablets. Second, no Grab&Drag extension or Win7 touch panning capability, which forces scrollbar use.

    Then, there’s absolutely no Windows7 features in it either, which a beta at this point should probably include by now. There’s no touch panning, as mentioned above, but also no tab previews in the taskbar, no jumplists, no start menu options. These are all things I use every day (or did, until a few of them vanished in newer Minefield builds), and so Chrome just won’t work for me. Hell, I’m already considering switching to IE just because Minefield temporarily lost the jumplists and start menu options.

  2. Joe

    12/08/2009 at 3:39 pm

    Oh and also, Xmarks is only half done, it doesn’t have the password syncing support.

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