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Google Chrome for iOS 7 Brings Massive Improvements



Google has updated its Chrome browser to bring a laundry list of improvements as Apple is rolling out its iOS 7 software update for the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. The new app not only brings a visual design that’s more consistent with Apple’s iOS 7 design, but adds some new features as well, including better integration with other Google services.

Available as a free download on Apple’s App Store for your iOS device, you can expect to see Chrome send you off to the official YoUTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+ apps, provided you have those apps installed, whenever you click a link.


The new linking makes it easier for you to open links in the native apps rather than have you open a Google+ link as web link through the Chrome browser, for example.

The most notable feature is that Google’s Voice Search for Chrome is now much improved and provides for a more conversational-like experience. When you tap the Chrome bar at the top, the iOS 7 pop up keyboard appears and just on top of that you have the Google Voice Search, which is similar to Google Now for iOS users. Now, you can ask questions and follow-up.

With the improved Voice Search, users can begin by asking “Who is the president of the United States” and then ask a follow-up question without having to repeat context. The follow-up question could be “How old is he?” provided you had asked the first question. This way, you don’t have to ask “How old is the president of the United States?”

On the iPad, Google noted on its blog that there will be improvements to the full screen experience for the iOS tablet.


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