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Google Chrome OS netbook tech specs reportedly rumored (and it’s a tablet)



ChromeOStablet“Google Chrome OS-based netbook tech specs are out,” screamed the headline from IBTimes. Sounds like a scoop, so everyone should jump on board and report it as fact… except that IBTimes didn’t report their story as fact.

In reality, they peppered it liberally with such non-commital verbs and adverbs as “rumoured” and “reportedly.” It reads like a collection of stuff people are saying on blogs, not an investigative report. It even closes with “Now if all of these are true…” Sorry, nothing to see here.

That said, if their rumored report of a 10.1″ multi-touch screen proves true, then it sounds like we’re looking at a tablet form factor, not a standard netbook. Let’s face it, a touchscreen on a clamshell isn’t the best idea (see Gorilla Arm). I’d be very surprised if Google decided to go that route for their official netbook. But multi-touch is quite nice for a tablet.

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