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Google Chromebooks Get Cheaper and Sleeker for the Holidays



We’re still not quite sure how many people bought a Google Chromebook the first go around but Google is putting some pretty enticing things on the table for the Chromebooks second go-round. Just in time for the holidays, Google has announced that Samsung will be introducing a new black version of the company’s Wi-Fi only Samsung Chromebook Series 5 and that its online retail partners will be dropping the price on both the Acer and Samsung models to $299.

In addition to the new model and the price drop, Google has also unveiled some UI changes for current and future owners.

There is a new log-in screen which is much cleaner then the original and there is also a new Tabs page which now includes some new, highly requested shortcuts and an easier to navigate design.


These all come after Google gave the Chrome Web Store a new look as well.

For more information on Google’s Chromebooks, you can head here. You can also head here to check out our picks for the best Notebooks for the 2011 holiday season.




  1. Pink

    11/22/2011 at 3:04 am

    The 8 sec boot time sounds ok..I wonder how secure is without a anti-virus, as they claim…

  2. supermario

    11/28/2011 at 1:14 pm

    A tablet version of the Chromebook has
    threatened the existence of the Android and Honeycomb that were
    initiated to compete with the Apple iPads. There is a lot of speculation
    of the basis of this Google strategy, because any intrusion from the
    Chromebook tablets will definitely hamper the market of the Android and
    Honeycomb. However, the latest signs show that we could expect the
    tablet version of the famous Google laptop very soon!

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