Google Drive Doesn’t Work with iPad, iPhone

Google latest product doesn’t yet work with the iPhone or iPad, limiting its usefulness for those that use Apple’s devices, but rely on Google’s services.

You can do some things via Safari on iPad/iPhone, but if you hit play on video files you’ll get an alert to update Adobe Flash, which can’t run on iOS devices or a broken video file.

This is a problem since the iPad and iPhone are the best-selling mobile devices in the world, with Apple selling a combined 46 million of its mobile devices in the first three months of the year.

Google Drive iPhone iPad - Flash

Google Drive for IPad Fails

Google promises that Google Drive for the iPhone and iPad is on the way, and should arrive within the next few weeks to a month, but until then most users will use Google Drive through the web browser on the iPhone and iPad, and run into difficulties.

To use Google Drive on the iPhone and iPad, point Safari to and log in.

Once you’re logged into Google Drive you can access Google Docs and the various files you have uploaded to Google Drive from the Mac or PC uploader app.

Unfortunately the web page is not reliable. The mobile version of Google Drive would load one in five tries and any attempts to reload would fail. I could click over to the desktop version and see all the files I have uploaded, but then video files tried to play using Flash.

Google Drive iPhone iPad - webpage fail

The mobile version of Google Drive fails on the iPhone.

While in Mobile mode I was able to play a video file once on my iPhone, but the iPad would never play video files from Google Drive.

Google Drive on the iPhone will provide access to Google Docs files, but the editing process is as tedious as ever. Image files load quickly as well.

Google Drive iPhone iPad - video fail

Don't try to play video from Google Drive on the iPad.

PDF files fall flat. Google Drive opens PDF files in a preview pane that makes it easy to read the contents, but provides no means of downloading the file to the iPhone or iPad to use in apps like iBooks or SignMyPad.

Stay tuned while we investigate a better way to use Google Docs on the iPhone and iPad.

Does Google Drive perform any better on the iPhone and iPad any better for you?