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Google Drive Launch Nears as Integration Leaks



Google Drive, Google’s cloud storage service might be closer than we thought.

Lucidchart, a service for creating diagrams, put up, and soon removed a webpage that hints at integration with Google Drive.

The Verge reports that, while the page was active, it offered to automatically sync Lucidchart documents to Google Drive. Without a Google Drive account the link didn’t work, but the short description on the page is enough to hint at features of the cloud service.

The description makes us believe that Google Drive won’t just be a Dropbox-clone, but more of a single cloud service that will hold everything.

Google Drive Lucidchart Integration

The Lucidchart integration also hints that Google is working with partners for the launch of Google Drive.

Lucidchart has some ties to Google, as the company’s CEO, Karl Sun, used to work at the search company. Sun helped bring Google into China, and continued working with Google’s philanthropic efforts after he left. Because of those ties, Lucidchart seems like a natural fit for an early partner for Google Drive.

Sadly, until there’s more leaks we won’t know what other partners Google has in mind.

We still don’t know when Google plans on launching Google Drive, but it will hopefully be soon. We’ve seen leak after leak of the new service, we just haven’t seen the announcement yet. Perhaps Google is still working on integrating it into its services and its partners’ services.

Google Drive could be Google’s answer to Apple’s iCloud if it integrates with all of Google’s other services. Google just needs to launch it so we can finally use it.

It’s possible that Google will announce Google Drive at Google IO, the company’s annual developer conference, scheduled for June 27th through 29th.

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